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Energy Transition & Climate Change

Call for urgent action on international co-operation under the Paris Agreement to deliver climate neutrality

A clear political framework has emerged: achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and the journey to net zero emissions1 will be one of significant change. Co-operation between countries is vital to deliver climate neutrality sw...

Competition Policy

Competing at Scale: EU Competition Policy fit for the Global Stage

Leaders of some of Europe’s largest employers have today called for an EU competition policy which would allow European businesses to compete successfully at scale in today’s globalised and fast-moving economy. Measures would i...

Competitiveness & Innovation

Joint Statement for an ambitious Horizon Europe Programme

Research and Innovation

Building on our Joint Letter with Nobel laureates (, ERT and 90+ European associations representing key European research & innovation stakeholders, urge the EU Institutions to make research, development and inn...

Competitiveness & Innovation

Economic Confidence Survey – Spring 2019

Delivering 5G and support for new technologies must be top priority for new Commission say Europe’s largest businesses

The new European Commission should prioritise digitalisation and completing the delivery of 5G networks, say Europe’s largest businesses. As European leaders prepare to discuss the composition of the new Commission at this week...

Strengthening Europe’s Place in the World

Strengthening Europe’s place in the world

Business leaders' pledges and policy priorities for a stronger Europe

Europe needs to take urgent action to deal with the challenges of the 21st century, including tackling climate change and preparing citizens for massive technological developments. ERT's paper, Strengthening Europe’s Place in t...

Trade & Market Access

Business leaders from U.S., Europe and Japan support a revitalized multilateral trade system

Washington, Brussels, Tokyo - In a joint statement, the U.S.-based Business Roundtable (BRT), the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) and KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation) shared their support for the trilateral effor...

Jobs, Skills & Impact

European companies increase number of women in leadership roles and continue action

Check the targets and figures from 36 European companies

The 2019 edition of ERT's report on "Voluntary targets for women in leadership positions" contains figures from 36 leading industrial companies of European origin. The figures show that companies’ initiatives are enabling more ...

Competition Policy

Shaping Competition Policy in the Era of Digitisation

Response to the Commission’s call for contributions on “Shaping competition policy in the era of digitisation”

In the digital economy, business models are focused on ecosystems of platforms. The amount of data that can now be processed and the power of algorithms can bring great benefits to society but may also change the dynamics of compe...

Competitiveness & Innovation

Nobel laureates and business leaders urge for investment in EU research & innovation

Call for a minimum investment of €120 billion in Horizon Europe to maintain momentum

More than 20 Nobel Prize laureates and other international award winners have joined with over 40 leaders of Europe’s largest companies to urge political leaders across the EU to support an ambitious European research and innovati...

Energy Transition & Climate Change

International cooperation to deliver on the Paris goals

Agreement on article 6 at COP24 is essential for developing a global carbon emissions market

The upcoming international climate negotiations at COP24 in Katowice are a critical milestone towards limiting global temperature rise to well below 2°C through agreeing the rules underpinning the Paris Agreement. Ach...

Competitiveness & Innovation

Economic Confidence Survey – Autumn 2018

Business outlook more cautious amidst economic uncertainties

Brussels, 23 November 2018 – The ERT Industrial Confidence Index (ICI)[1]fell compared to 6 months ago but remains in positive territory, amidst increased uncertainties related to Brexit and global trade. The ICI meas...

Jobs, Skills & Impact

European business leaders commit to inclusion and diversity pledge


More than fifty business leaders of some of Europe’s largest companies have today signed up to the first pan-European commitment of its kind, to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace. This pledge highlights the suppo...

Trade & Market Access

Time is tight to avoid a no-deal Brexit

ERT meets UK Prime Minister Theresa May

We appreciate today’s exchange with Prime Minister Theresa May on the status of the Brexit negotiations. The European Round Table of Industrialists continues to support both the EU and the UK in finding an agreement. We are concer...

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Frank Heemskerk appointed Secretary General of the European Round Table of Industrialists

The European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) has appointed Frank Heemskerk as ERT Secretary General with effect from 1 January 2019. He will take over from Brian Ager who will retire in January after 8 years in the role. Fr...

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Chancellor Merkel, President Macron and President Juncker meet the European Round Table of Industrialists

Chancellor Merkel, President Macron, European Commission President Juncker and Members of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) met today at Schloss Meseberg near Berlin. ERT, whose Members include some of Europe’s l...

Competitiveness & Innovation

Economic Confidence Survey – Spring 2018

European business leaders remain positive on the global business outlook and support multilateral trade negotiations

The second Economic Confidence Survey commissioned by the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) shows that Europe’s business leaders remain positive. The general business outlook slightly increased compared to October 2017,...

Trade & Market Access

European business leaders urge for transatlantic dialogue on trade

The European Round Table deeply regrets the decision of the US administration to impose new tariffs on European steel and aluminium manufacturers. These duties will not only damage world trade, they will disrupt supply chains and ...

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Carl-Henric Svanberg appointed Chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists

Carl-Henric Svanberg, current Chairman of BP and AB Volvo, has been appointed Chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT). Carl-Henric, a Member of the ERT since 2010, is one of Europe’s most experienced and re...

Trade & Market Access

Cross-border data flows in trade agreements

In order to harness the opportunities of digitisation and enhance European competitiveness, European companies rely on the ability to move data across borders through their global networks and operations. National restrictions ...

Industry Changemakers

New online platform on European industry’s value to society

For many decades Europe has been a global force for economic prosperity, social progress and environmental protection. Built on a unique foundation of norms and values such as respect for individual freedoms, security, social cohe...

Strengthening Europe’s Place in the World

Why Europe matters to youth

Concise outcome of the survey and the national workshops

ERT partners with JA Europe to reach out to young people, inviting their opinions on issues they care about, such as employment, and encouraging them to engage in the political process. “Why Europe Matters” is a call for action: i...

Finance & Tax

Towards modernised rules on corporate taxation

Dialogue with the European Parliament and the Commission

The Members of the European Round Table of Industrialists have sent a letter to Pierre Moscovici, the Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, and Paul Tang, MEP to welcome the opportunity of starting a dialogue on how to ...

Jobs, Skills & Impact

More women in leadership positions

Still room for improvement

The 2018 edition of this annual report contains voluntary targets for women in leadership positions set by 34 ERT Member companies, together with figures on progress towards achieving these targets. The report demonst...

Competitiveness & Innovation

Benchmarking Report 2017

European Competitiveness and Industry

The ERT Benchmarking Report presents with key figures a comprehensive overview of the main policy issues followed by industry leaders. This new edition highlights with more than 70 charts and maps that Europe must become more o...

Digital Transformation

Smart Cities

Advancing the deployment of technology solutions to make Europe’s cities smart, safe, healthy and sustainable

Cities are fascinating. They tell all the stories about the development of humanity, civilisation, and innovation through the millennia of time. Today, it is estimated that by 2050, 66% of the world population will be urban (up fr...

Competitiveness & Innovation

ERT Position on Research & Innovation

This position paper outlines the ERT views on research and innovation in the context of the ongoing debates on the future Framework Programme and EU industrial policy. It also provides comments on the report “LAB – FAB – APP In...

Competitiveness & Innovation

Economic Confidence Survey – Autumn 2017

Leading European CEOs positive on global business outlook, but concerned about Brexit

Major European-based companies are positive about the global business outlook, according to a new survey commissioned by the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT). The first ever ERT CEO Economic Confidence Survey, conducte...

Digital Transformation

Proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation

Call for a better alignment of the ePrivacy proposal with the GDPR

The reform of the current ePrivacy Directive, as one of the key initiatives of the Digital Single Market strategy, is of utmost importance for ERT Members. We are however concerned about the very restrictive approach towards da...

Energy Transition & Climate Change

Naturally active for the climate

Leading European companies contribute to the implementation of the Paris Agreement

Action against climate change has become embedded in the European business agenda, demonstrates this report. Released ahead of the international climate negotiations at COP23 in Bonn, the report illustrates how 30 leading multinat...

Energy Transition & Climate Change

“Clean Energy for All” package

ERT supports a holistic approach that integrates security of supply, sustainability and competitiveness

The European Commission’s "Clean Energy for All Package" is a welcome and key step forward in ensuring the transition towards a more secure, clean and competitive energy market in the European Union. ERT supports the package’s thr...

Jobs, Skills & Impact

Building and transforming skills for a digital world

Preparing for a new digital world

The ongoing digitisation of society and business enables new ways of living, producing and consuming. Some speak of a Fourth Industrial Revolution as new technologies disrupt current business models and offer opportunities. To ...

Trade & Market Access

Europe’s top industrialists hail EU-Japan trade deal

The European Round Table of Industrialists has praised today's EU-Japan outline trade deal as a boost for open, fair and free trade at a time of concern over the rise in protectionism. The ERT brings together more than 50 Chief Ex...

Competition Policy

Best practices in international merger control

ERT Member companies surveyed to identify best practice

ERT conducted a consultation exercise among its Member companies in October/November 2016 in order to gather feedback on their experiences of merger control internationally. This feedback has been distilled into a number of rec...

Digital Transformation

Building the European Data Economy

ERT welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on Building the European Data Economy, which constitutes one of the final deliverables announced in the Digital Single Market Strategy in May 2015. As stated in the Commissio...

Strengthening Europe’s Place in the World

Launch initiative “Why Europe Matters” for youth

New project to re-engage young people on why Europe matters

Europe will only overcome the current political crisis if the next generation of Europeans cares about the EU and is ready to engage to further advance the European project. A major new initiative labelled ‘Why Europe Matte...

Jobs, Skills & Impact

European companies take action to increase number of women in leadership roles

New reports on "Women in Leadership Positions" and "Key Initiatives to promote Women along the Talent Pipeline"

The 2017 edition of this annual report contains voluntary targets for women in leadership positions set by 31 ERT Member companies, together with figures on progress towards achieving these targets. This year, ERT als...

Competitiveness & Innovation

Benchmarking Report 2016

A glance at the competitiveness of Europe and its industries

The 2016 edition of the ERT Benchmarking Report presents a comprehensive grading of Europe in the global context in terms of competitiveness, trade and investment, innovation, digital economy, energy and climate, employment and sk...