• Energy Transition & Climate Change

“Clean Energy for All” package

ERT views

ERT supports a holistic approach that integrates security of supply, sustainability and competitiveness

The European Commission’s “Clean Energy for All Package” is a welcome and key step forward in ensuring the transition towards a more secure, clean and competitive energy market in the European Union. ERT supports the package’s three main goals: 1/ putting energy efficiency first; 2/ achieving global leadership in renewable energies; and 3/ providing a fair deal for consumers.

Our main points (in short):

  1. Ensure the predictability and stability of the long-term policy framework.
  2. Safeguard the package’s consistency throughout the legislative process.
  3. Bolster the EU industry’s readiness for new opportunities and new operating environments triggered by the energy and climate transition.
  4. The proposed energy policy framework should acknowledge that only a globally competitive industry has the capacity to deploy and invest in low-carbon innovation, and to assume a more active role in electricity markets.
  5. ERT supports market-based and technology neutral solutions from a holistic system perspective for promoting the uptake of energy efficiency and for better integrating renewables in the electricity market by providing flexibility, balancing services, and backup capacity.
  6. For the energy market, the introduction of an Emission Performance Standard for capacity payments is transparent and consistent with long-term EU climate strategy.
  7. Proportionate measures for customer empowerment are supported.
  8. Set targets for energy efficiency in a smart way to allow for growth and development, in particular, as the low-carbon energy transition will lead to increased energy demand in some industrial processes involved in this transformation.
  9. Increased energy efficiency is particularly relevant for the buildings sector, where it has high potential.
  10. Digital technologies support the energy transition and are a great opportunity for European leadership and long-term growth.