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ERT – Appraisal of EU initiatives on competitiveness

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Brussels, 13 June 2023: At a time of intensifying global competition, the issue of the EU’s competitiveness has gradually been gaining ground in the EU agenda. However, there are limitations in the EU’s institutional set-up and the focus or impact of the recent Commission’s initiatives. The Competitiveness package published by the European Commission in March 2023 – after the adoption of the Green Deal Industrial Plan on 1 February – is possibly the most comprehensive EU effort to support European companies in at least a decade. It is also the most significant attempt ever in Brussels at shaping an EU industrial policy.

To raise awareness of the pressures on industry and share recommendations with policymakers, the European Round Table for Industry has carried out an analysis of the various recently announced EC measures relating to competitiveness. The analysis focuses on the main parts relevant to European industrial companies, a comparison with any previous messages from ERT, a positive appraisal of progress, and a list of shortcomings and open questions per initiative:

• Communication on the Single Market at 30
• Communication on Long-term competitiveness
• Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework (TCTF)
• Legislative proposal to reform the Electricity Market Design
• Legislative proposal for a Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) and a communication on the European Hydrogen Bank
• Legislative proposal for a Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA)

This Expert Paper was circulated within ERT to fine-tune the analysis of the EC’s efforts and it can also serve as a reflection of European industry’s ideas for formulating better policies to improve the EU’s competitiveness.

Note to Editors:

The European Round Table for Industry’s Membership comprises the CEOs and Chairs of 60 of Europe’s most successful industrial and technological companies. The paper is the fruit of effort from the ERT Committees on Competitiveness & Innovation.

A full list of the Membership of ERT is accessible https://ert.eu/members/