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The digitalisation and connectivity of the economy and society, and more specifically the digital transformation of industry is a critical factor for Europe’s competitiveness, growth and jobs. Technological developments bring new opportunities but also challenges and concerns that need to be addressed. The Digital Transformation Working Group focuses on recommendations from a cross-sector perspective on how to achieve a successful digital transformation that brings value for industry and society.

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  Support of European industrialists comes during a critical week for the EU as a 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target is on agenda of EU Summit ERT’s endorsement of the...
ACEA, BusinessEurope, DigtialEurope and ERT conducted a survey of businesses of all sizes and sectors across Europe to understand the impact of #Schrems2 on data transfers to the rest of...
  BRUSSELS, 18 SEPTEMBER 2020: As agitated geopolitics and disinformation cast a shadow on the deployment of 5G technology in various countries, the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) today...
As many European countries move to gradually reopen their economies, European corporate leaders today announced their support for European Commission (EC) President von der Leyen’s Next Generation EU recovery plan¹...
With the increasing digitalisation of business, cybersecurity risks will intensify, placing constraints on the future development of Europe. Governments, citizens and industry all have a role to play in managing...
If Europe is to achieve the European Commission’s ambition of becoming “fit for the digital age”, ERT believes that faster and more effective action is needed, to drive digital transformation...

Digital Transformation

The ERT "Digital Transformation" Working Group:

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Martin Lundstedt

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Lars Stenqvist

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Hanno Woelm

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Strengthening Europe’s Place in the World

The European Union has benefited its citizens economically and socially, regardless of the current challenges.

Competitiveness & Innovation

European companies and their employees are under increasing pressure from international competition.

Jobs, Skills & Impact

Europe’s greatest asset is its people and their diversity. We focus on bridging the skills gap and building an inclusive company culture.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of industry is a critical factor for Europe’s competitiveness, growth and jobs.

Energy Transition & Climate Change

The EU has taken a global lead in climate action - climate neutrality and global competitiveness must be mutually reinforcing.

Trade & Market Access

Free trade is one of the founding principles of the EU, and we need to take a stand to protect and preserve it.

Competition Policy

Unfair trading practices as well as the increasing dominance of global companies originating in the East and West are threatening Europe’s economy.

Finance & Tax

Europe must become a more attractive destination for doing business and making investments.