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ERT publishes Expert Paper on EU Artificial Intelligence Act

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The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data-driven tools to drive productivity and economic growth in Europe is vast. However, the European Union is behind its main competitors when it comes to investments in AI development and usage.

In order to become a global leader in AI innovation, Europe must leverage its strong industrial base and technological capacity. We also need a balanced underlying legal framework.

Now is the time for Europe to position itself strongly by reflecting on its strengths and enacting a long-term, fair, and holistic policy for the future.

In its latest Expert Paper, the Digital Transformation Working Group of the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) has suggested a number of priority issues to be addressed in the proposed EU AI Act.

ERT’s core recommendations are:

1. Prevent unnecessary burdensome obligations and focus on regulating a narrow scope of high-risk AI
2. Establish a clear and fair allocation of responsibilities in the context of AI systems and their specific application
3. Prevent any overlaps and competing obligations in the EU and foster global regulatory cooperation on AI

Download the full paper to find out more.