• Energy Transition & Climate Change

Expert Paper – Accelerating Decarbonisation

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Fostering an accelerated energy transition towards a competitive, secure and decarbonised energy model plays a key role to tackle the additional challenges arising from the surging energy prices.

The current energy and climate crises stem largely from an over-dependence on volatile, imported fossil gas, oil, and coal. This dependency is jeopardising the EU’s economic outlook and undermines the investment climate. For this reason, the EU needs to accelerate access to decarbonised and renewable energy, especially for hard-to-abate sectors, replace Russian fossil fuels and support new industrial opportunities to build sustainable competitive advantages.

A successful decarbonisation trajectory is not one in which the EU de-industrialises and which leads to the closure of companies but one in which the EU industry is enabled to lead the green transition under a solid economic performance. ERT, therefore, supports a higher emphasis on preserving industrial competitiveness during the implementation of the ‘Fit for 55’ and ‘REPowerEU’ packages.