• Competitiveness & Innovation

Benchmarking Report 2017

European Competitiveness and Industry

The ERT Benchmarking Report presents with key figures a comprehensive overview of the main policy issues followed by industry leaders.

This new edition highlights with more than 70 charts and maps that Europe must become more open to innovation and new technologies to increase productivity and improve its global competitiveness. The European Union and the Member States must also accelerate and make adequate reforms to fully enter the digital age.

In addition, the report underlines the importance of international openness for the sustained growth of Europe’s industry.

Visit the dedicated website: www.ert-industry-benchmarking.eu

New issues and emerging trends covered in the report this year include private debt, EU/UK relations, data privacy, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, smart cities, radio spectrum, energy transition, circular economy, impact of ageing and inequality.


1. Economic performance and competitiveness

2. Global trade and investment

3. Digital economy

4. Energy and climate change

5. Innovation

6. Employment, skills and education