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ERT Expert Paper on Artificial Intelligence

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In this Expert paper, ERT addresses the development and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Adoption of Artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven tools will be a core driver of productivity and economic growth in Europe over the coming years. These tools will also play a significant role in addressing critical societal challenges brought to the forefront in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ERT supports the objective of the European Commission outlined in the February 2020 White Paper on AI to encourage the creation of an ecosystem of excellence and an ecosystem of trust for AI development and adoption in Europe. This ERT expert paper puts forward a number of suggestions on how the proposed interventions could be most effectively targeted to achieve the desired outcome and avoid unintended consequences. We caution against rushing into over-regulation of AI as an uncertain regulatory environment and over-prescriptive rules will hinder investments in AI and the use of innovative AI solutions.

For Europe to seize the AI opportunity, it is key to strengthen measures that boost the development and usage of AI, giving equal attention to the competitive promise as to the ethical dimension.