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Competitiveness & Innovation

Economic confidence among Europe’s industrial leaders cools as supply chain issues, inflation cloud the horizon

Latest survey of ERT Members by the Conference Board on economic confidence, inflation risks, climate legislation and the EU Single Market

BRUSSELS, 24 November 2021: A new report released today reveals the latest sentiments among the CEOs and Chairs in Europe, for the economic and business outlook, while also flagging some potential risks on the horizon. The Conf...

Strengthening Europe’s Place in the World

Conclusions of the ERT Plenary of European business leaders in Bilbao

BILBAO, 22 November 2021: Following several significant summits (G20, COP26) in the past weeks, the past two days saw Bilbao play host to the European Round Table for Industry’s (ERT) twice yearly meeting of business leaders. E...

Trade & Market Access

Europe’s industrial leaders share their view on how to make Open Strategic Autonomy work

BRUSSELS, 5 JULY 2021: As optimism grows in Europe for a rapid post-pandemic recovery, Europe’s industrial leaders today release a new publication addressing trade policy in an altered global landscape. Informed by independent ...