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Jobs, Skills & Impact

ERT embraces difference with a new toolkit for workplace inclusion and diversity

BRUSSELS, 15 April 2024: Company culture has become a major differentiator. Companies are increasingly measured on how they value diversity and inclusion and create work environments where every individual feels appreciated, respe...

Energy Transition & Climate Change

Europe’s energy transition: ERT releases analysis on the EU’s competitiveness for energy-intensive industries and state of energy infrastructure

New ERT reports by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) lay out the state of play and articulate the challenges in Europe’s energy transition

Brussels, 9 April 2024: As the countdown continues to the European elections and appointment of the next European Commission later this year, the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) releases two reports focusing on the state o...

Competitiveness & Innovation

An ice-bath for EU leaders. Competitiveness is crumbling: Europe’s business case needs a rebuild

BRUSSELS, 18 March 2024: As the clock ticks down to the European elections in June and Professor Mario Draghi’s upcoming report on Europe’s Competitiveness, the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) today releases its 2024 Compe...