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Europe’s greatest asset is its people and their diversity. Europe cannot afford to waste talent. Every person is unique and should be able to find a job, develop and stay active. This is especially pertinent in the context of the world’s rapid technological evolution. The Jobs, Skills & Impact Committee focuses on ways to bridge the skills gap, build an inclusive company culture, and industries value to society as a driver for inclusive growth.

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The 2019 edition of ERT's report on "Voluntary targets for women in leadership positions" contains figures from 36 leading industrial companies of European origin. The figures show that companies’ initiatives...
The ongoing digitisation of society and business enables new ways of living, producing and consuming. Some speak of a Fourth Industrial Revolution as new technologies disrupt current business models and...

Jobs, Skills & Impact

The ERT "Jobs, Skills & Impact" Committee:

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Paulo Azevedo

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João Gunther Amaral


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Bert D'Hooghe

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Strengthening Europe’s Place in the World

The European Union has benefited its citizens economically and socially, regardless of the current challenges.

Competitiveness & Innovation

European companies and their employees are under increasing pressure from international competition.

Jobs, Skills & Impact

Europe’s greatest asset is its people and their diversity. We focus on bridging the skills gap and building an inclusive company culture.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of industry is a critical factor for Europe’s competitiveness, growth and jobs.

Energy Transition & Climate Change

The EU has taken a global lead in climate action - climate neutrality and global competitiveness must be mutually reinforcing.

Trade & Market Access

Free trade is one of the founding principles of the EU, and we need to take a stand to protect and preserve it.

Competition Policy

Unfair trading practices as well as the increasing dominance of global companies originating in the East and West are threatening Europe’s economy.

Finance & Tax

Europe must become a more attractive destination for doing business and making investments.