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Reskilling in European Industry

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Preparing the workforce for tomorrow

Skills and jobs are essential to develop a more inclusive, resilient and competitive society. In Europe, this has been acknowledged for many years – solidarity and social cohesion being key European values.
Significant investments have been made in lifelong learning both by the private and public sector to the benefit not only of society but also of individuals’ self-fulfilment. High levels of employment provide
collective prosperity in many ways.

Based on an assessment of over 200 reskilling projects, ERT has identified some market failures that impede the reskilling offer from growing in quantity, quality and effectiveness. In parallel to launch of the European Skills Agenda by the European Commission, our new paper on Reskilling calls for a more robust culture of lifelong learning and an End-to-End approach for successful reskilling.

Europe’s greatest resource is its people and their skills. Today’s release of the European Skills Agenda is an opportunity to put people at the heart of the ongoing digital and green transitions. Investing in employability, is investing in Europe’s prosperity and future. To keep skills up-to-date we must stimulate lifelong learning, but also offer effective reskilling solutions that allow European citizens to continue to develop their talents, find a job and flourish in a rapidly changing economy.
Paulo Azevedo
  • Paulo Azevedo
  • Chairman of Sonae & Chair of ERT's Committee on Jobs, Skills & Impact