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ERT Expert Paper – EU Merger Control

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Reform and Renewal in the Post-Pandemic World

In this paper, ERT examines EU merger control policy more broadly to highlight the most significant current issues and to suggest reforms.

EU merger control policy has evolved through the years, however, there are some key areas where it is no longer fit for purpose. At a time of unprecedented change, it is important that the European Commission recognise the role that merger control, efficiencies and wider competition policy can take in supporting digital developments and the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The areas in which ERT proposes reforms are:

  1. Reforms to streamline the simplified and non-simplified merger review processes
  2. Reforms to improve administrative processes
  3. Reforms to the substantive assessment
  4. Reforms to jurisdiction

The European Commission should undertake the reforms described in this paper to tackle issues raised by the 21st century’s digital and globalised economy and the energy transition, and to support European competitiveness on these points.