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European companies take action to increase number of women in leadership roles

Voluntary Targets ERT Member companies
Consult the results and read about ERT Member companies' good practice to boost gender equality

New reports on "Women in Leadership Positions" and "Key Initiatives to promote Women along the Talent Pipeline"

The 2017 edition of this annual report contains voluntary targets for women in leadership positions set by 31 ERT Member companies, together with figures on progress towards achieving these targets.

This year, ERT also presents key initiatives from 23 of its Member companies ensuring equal opportunities along the talent pipeline, as part of a broader diversity and inclusion corporate agenda.

The report demonstrates that the companies’ initiatives have enabled more women to find their way towards leadership positions, but also that continued action and focus on diversity and gender equality remains essential. Compared to a chosen baseline year, mostly 2012, the average share of women in leadership roles has increased by 4 percentage points in Europe as shown in the table below:

As a reminder, since 2012, ERT has published every year company specific targets and figures on the involvement of women in business to show member companies’ commitment to enhancing womens’ career opportunities. It is also in the interest of companies, and Europe’s prosperity, to better involve the vast female talent pool that is available.