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ERT’s views concerning the ongoing work on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act

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As the EU begins its phase of inter-institutional negotiations on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) is sharing its views in a letter to the EU co-legislators.

ERT welcomes the initiative behind the Artificial Intelligence Act. We believe it will be vital to prevent further fragmentation of the Single Market, address legitimate concerns about risks to health, safety, and fundamental rights, and give legal certainty to businesses looking to embrace innovation and deploy AI systems in the EU.

In devising this legal framework, it is however vital not to lose sight of a key strategic aim: to improve Europe’s industrial competitiveness by developing a thriving European AI ecosystem that can hold its own on the global stage. It is crucial to achieve a fair balance by preserving our EU values in the AI Act while preventing over-regulation and unnecessary, burdensome obligations that could hamper AI adoption and innovation in Europe.