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ERT Expert Paper – Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy (“RSFS”)

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This paper contains recommendations on the RSFS from the real economy.

  1. In order to ensure the practical applicability of instruments such as the taxonomy it is very important that all relevant stakeholders and industries are involved and consulted on an ongoing basis – even those who are not members of the Platform on Sustainable Finance.
  2. A stable and technology-neutral regulatory framework can support sustainable investments and complete the shift to long-term value creation.
  3. The EU taxonomy must be brought in line with existing classification systems and existing EU legislation.
  4. The EU taxonomy should encourage all sectors and industries to contribute to a more sustainable economy.
  5. There is a strong need to support investments in R&I through sustainable finance tools.
  6. Increased international cooperation on efforts to further develop sustainable finance instruments and promote the integration of markets is essential.
  7. There is a proliferation of national calls for regulation in corporate responsibility, including for mandatory due diligence. ERT requests mechanisms to ensure alignment across these initiatives to support companies to respect human rights.