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ERT launches new toolkit to promote knowledge exchange in Inclusion & Diversity

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To view the I&D case studies online or download the full compendium, visit the dedicated website: embracedifference.ert.eu

Compendium & campaign bring together 25 initiatives by 20 companies


The European Round Table for Industry (ERT) today releases a new toolkit of case studies to promote Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) from some of European industry’s biggest and best known brands, led by ERT Members.


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The ERT I&D Toolkit compendium brings together initiatives by 20 companies from a wide range of sectors including food & beverages, energy, chemicals, logistics, software, telecoms and more.

The publication addresses many dimensions of I&D, including gender, age, disability, ethnicity, LGBT+ and victims support, with the aim of accommodating both demographic diversity¹ and cognitive diversity².

The case studies vary in scale and scope and can be also viewed through the additional filters of the employee lifecycle and enablers identified by human resources experts.


This first edition of the I&D toolkit compendium includes case studies from the following companies: Air Liquide, BASF, Deutsche Telekom, Engie, Eni, Heineken, Henkel, Iberdrola, KONE, Maersk, Nestlé, Nokia, Orange, SAP, Siemens, Sonae, Téléfonica, Total, Umicore and Vodafone.

To find out more, visit the dedicated website, embracedifference.ert.eu




Notes for Editors:

¹ Demographic diversity describes the unique environment facing employees with specific traits such as gender, race, religion, physical disabilities and sexual orientation.

² Cognitive diversity describes differences in perspective or information processing styles and how individuals think about and engage with new, uncertain, and complex situations.


This compendium of 25 case studies provides some concrete actions that contribute to a more inclusive company culture, to unleash the full potential of a diverse workforce. They are the basis for continuous exchange of experiences and best practices among companies led by ERT Members and as such, this is permanent work in progress. 
Paulo Azevedo
  • Paulo Azevedo
  • Chair of the ERT Committee on Jobs, Skills & Impact and Chairman of Sonae
Although each company is different and there is no single nor instant solution, we hope that these examples, across the various dimensions of inclusion & diversity, will inspire and stimulate more inclusion. The more companies commit and engage in these kinds of initiatives  ̶  weaving I&D into their values and company culture  ̶  the faster will be the pace of change.
Paulo Azevedo
  • Paulo Azevedo
Today’s release builds on the #EmbraceDifference pledge made by ERT Members in November 2018 and on our established annual reporting of Voluntary Targets for Women in Leadership, which has been in place for about 8 years now. We look forward to sharing these case studies with the wider business community in the coming months, continuing to learn about emerging aspects of I&D and ultimately driving the development of best practise.
Frank Heemskerk
  • Frank Heemskerk
  • Secretary General, ERT