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ERT welcomes Council position on AI

Brussels, 6 December 2022: Earlier this year, the European Commission presented a proposal laying down harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act). ERT supports its vision of creating trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) systems for Europe built around a human centric and risk-based approach.

Adoption of Artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven tools will be a core driver of productivity and economic growth in Europe over the coming years and today is an important date for this legislation. We welcome the adoption of a General Approach by the Council of the EU, which shows important progress in improving key provisions of the AI Act, such as the more precise definition of AI and the clarification of the responsibilities of the various actors including users and providers.


AI holds the promise of the next waves of extraordinary exponential innovation. However, when it comes to investment in AI, Europe currently lags behind its main competitors.

Europe’s capacity to leverage its technological capacity and strong industrial base relies on high-quality digital infrastructure being in place – supported by a regulatory framework based on its fundamental values to become a global leader in AI and data driven innovation.


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AI tools will play a significant role in driving European competitiveness and tackling the critical challenges facing the world today. This is why it is essential to create AI systems for Europe that will both unlock this technology's economic potential and maintain the highest ethical standards. We welcome the position adopted by EU Member States and the harmonised policy framework to enable a Single Market for AI products and services.
Christian Klein
  • Christian Klein
  • Chair of ERT’s Committee on Digital Transformation and CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE