Flagship Publications

18 March 2024
Competitiveness & Innovation Securing Europe’s Place in a new world order Trade & Market Access Digital Transformation Energy Transition & Climate Change Jobs, Skills & Impact

ERT 2024 Competitiveness and Industry Benchmarking Report

As the European elections approach and many in the EU wait for Professor Mario Draghi’s report on Competitiveness, what can be done to improve the business case for operating and investing in the EU? ERT’s latest report brings together 38 KPIs and shines a light on the current state of play of Europe’s competitiveness vis-à-vis its global peers and competitors. What are our strengths and where do have to do better? Find out more in this publications which explores these questions across the various dimensions of competitivenees: EU Single Market – Technological Leadership – Regulatory Environment – Digital Transformation and the Green Transition.
26 October 2023
Securing Europe’s Place in a new world order Competitiveness & Innovation

ERT Vision Paper 2024-2029: Securing Europe’s Place in a new world order

As many in the EU policy sphere look to prepare the ground for next year’s European Parliamentary elections and new European Commission, this latest publication addresses the key European issues and recommendations of the CEOs and Chairs of some of Europe’s most significant industrial and technology companies, operating worldwide. The publication articulates consensus and recommendations that ERT has forged among its 60 strong membership of CEOs and Chairs qnd set the tone for a series of deep dive-publications in the coming months.
27 March 2023
Competitiveness & Innovation

Innovation made in Europe: Setting the foundation for future competitiveness

ERT's latest flagship is all about one of key determinant's of what makes a country or region competitive - their capacity to innovate. With policy recommendations and over 30 stories on innovation, this flagship highlights how Europe has fallen behind in innovation and what needs to happen for it to regain the lead.
15 June 2022
Competitiveness & Innovation Securing Europe’s Place in a new world order Digital Transformation Energy Transition & Climate Change Trade & Market Access

2022 ERT Competitiveness & Industry Benchmarking Report

ERT’s latest edition of its Benchmarking Report, brings together data analysis across 64 different key performance indicators, and provides recommendations on where Europe is losing pace against its competitors, where it's holding ground and where it can still take the lead.
7 December 2021
Competitiveness & Innovation Securing Europe’s Place in a new world order Trade & Market Access

Renewing the Dynamic of European Integration: Single Market Stories by Business Leaders

ERT’s flagship publication with analysis, recommendations and 30 stories highlighting how the Single Market can be improved.
5 July 2021
Trade & Market Access Securing Europe’s Place in a new world order Competitiveness & Innovation

Making Open Strategic Autonomy work

ERT’s flagship publication on international trade and market access, at a time of agigated geopolitics and supply chain disruption.
3 May 2021
Digital Transformation Competitiveness & Innovation

Mapping a New World with the EU Digital Compass

ERT's publication addressing a wide range of different strands relating to digital developments. These include investment, hardware, cloud & edge cloud, connectivity, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and more.
10 December 2020
Energy Transition & Climate Change Competitiveness & Innovation Digital Transformation Securing Europe’s Place in a new world order

Making the most of Europe’s Climate Leadership

ERT’s flagship publication addressing various aspects of energy transition and the EU Green Deal, featuring a wide variety of case studies.
7 October 2019
Competition Policy

Competing at Scale

ERT’s flagship publication on EU Competition Policy.

Our Focus

ERT was born out of a desire for concerted and decisive action to create stronger economic cooperation across Europe. Our ambition remains the same: to promote sustainable growth and prosperity in Europe. We have eight focus areas dedicated to subjects that culminate in delivering practical advice to policymakers and governments.

Securing Europe’s Place in a new world order

The European Union has benefited its citizens economically and socially, regardless of the current challenges.

CFO Platform

Europe must become a more attractive destination for doing business and making investments.

Competition Policy

Unfair trading practices as well as the increasing dominance of global companies originating in the East and West are threatening Europe’s economy.

Competitiveness & Innovation

European companies and their employees are under increasing pressure from international competition.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of industry is a critical factor for Europe’s competitiveness, growth and jobs.

Energy Transition & Climate Change

The EU has taken a global lead in climate action - climate neutrality and global competitiveness must be mutually reinforcing.

Jobs, Skills & Impact

Europe’s greatest asset is its people and their diversity. We focus on bridging the skills gap and building an inclusive company culture.

Trade & Market Access

Free trade is one of the founding principles of the EU, and we need to take a stand to protect and preserve it.