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European companies increase number of women in leadership roles and continue action

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The 2019 edition of ERT’s report on “Voluntary targets for women in leadership positions” contains figures from 36 leading industrial companies of European origin.

The figures show that companies’ initiatives are enabling more women to find their way towards leadership positions, but also that continued action and focus on inclusion and gender equality remain essential.

Compared to a chosen baseline year, mostly 2012, the average share of women in leadership roles has increased by over 4 percentage points in Europe and worldwide. (See table)

As a reminder, since 2012, ERT has published every year company specific targets and figures on the involvement of women in business to show member companies’ commitment to enhancing women’s career opportunities. It is also in the interest of companies, and Europe’s prosperity, to better involve the vast female talent pool that is available.

The report underlines European business leaders’ personal commitment to inclusion and diversity – as expressed in a pledge signed by more than 50 CEOs and Chairman, Members of ERT in November 2018.