June 3, 2024


Season 3

Leonhard Birnbaum

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Leonhard Birnbaum
“We can make things work that we thought wouldn't work even two years ago. And we can clearly see an acceleration for example on charging infrastructure, we will see a run-up in e-mobility, e-trucks, which five years ago nobody believed possible.”
Leonhard Birnbaum

Leonhard Birnbaum grew up in the industrial town of Ludwigshafen, Germany surrounded by industry. Later, after studying chemical engineering at university, he started his career in consulting, gradually gravitating towards the energy sector, first at RWE, then at E.ON. As the CEO of E.ON Group since 2021, he is leading one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks and infrastructure, providing services to around 47 million customers.

In this episode, we discuss his early life, how his career path progressed from consulting to leading. We talk about the different stages of Europe’s energy transition to a ‘beautiful future’, discussing what’s on track and where more needs to happen.