March 16, 2023


Season 2

Dr Martin Brudermüller & Dr Lars Frolund

podcast v2
Most of the innovation in the past came from Europe and it’s now coming from other regions. How can we get back this innovation spirit into people? Burning for new things. Having the courage to try new things.
Martin Brudermüller

As ERT prepares to launch a new publication about innovation, we thought it could be interesting to do an episode where we discuss that very subject. So, we brought together a leader of one of Europe’s most significant industrial companies – Dr Martin Brudermüller, CEO of BASF SE (and Chair of ERT’s Committee on Competitiveness & Innovation) – and a top drawer academic and deep tech investment expert – Dr Lars Frolund of M.I.T. and the European Innovation Council.  Over the course of this episode, we discuss why innovation matters, how Europe is faring in the global innovation race and try to find out how different the views of business and academia are on this important topic.  We also try to work out what can be done to help innovation in Europe deliver more.