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Securing Europe’s Place in a new world order

Coalition of 25 European associations calls for ‘more love for the Single Market’

European associations outline obstacles in the Single Market and call for renewal of the dynamic of European integration

In the Joint Statement issued today, this coalition of European associations underline the need for renewed focus on deepening the Single Market. The statement puts forward clear logic for fresh political investment in the Single ...

Digital Transformation

ERT Expert Paper: Connectivity is decisive for Europe’s competitiveness

Brussels, 24 November 2023: Secure, reliable & high-performing connectivity will be a major contributor to Europe’s economic wellbeing and competitiveness in the future, which will be defined by its path towards the digital an...

CFO Platform

ERT issue an Expert Paper on the ESG Ratings

Brussels, 16 October 2023: The latest call for evidence (June 2022) of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) confirmed that the market of ESG rating providers is very fragmented, with 59 providers being active in th...

Trade & Market Access

ERT issues Expert Paper on the EU Critical Raw Materials Act

Brussels, 12 September 2023: The EU Critical Raw Materials Act (CRM Act) is an important first step towards securing a sustainable supply chain of critical raw materials for Europe - an indispensable factor in delivery of the gree...

CFO Platform

Expert Paper – Contribution to the ESRS Consultation

The Expert Group on Sustainable Finance of the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft delegated act on European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). We acknowledge t...

Competitiveness & Innovation

ERT – Appraisal of EU initiatives on competitiveness

Brussels, 13 June 2023: At a time of intensifying global competition, the issue of the EU’s competitiveness has gradually been gaining ground in the EU agenda. However, there are limitations in the EU’s institutional set-up and th...

CFO Platform

ERT’s CFO Platform raises its concerns about unclarity in the EU Taxonomy reporting rules

With the clock ticking on the implementation of the EU Taxonomy, ERT's CFO Platform has compiled its concerns about the practical implications of the current rules and asks whether their current design will be ultimately be useful...

Competition Policy

Summary Position – The Foreign Subsidies Regulation draft Implementing Regulation

ERT is concerned about the effects the proposed implementing Regulation for the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) would have on companies, public procurement procedures and M&A activity in Europe. We therefore strongly sup...

CFO Platform

Expert Paper – European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)

ERT recognises the need for introducing ESRS to direct capital flows towards a more sustainable economy. We welcome the improvements that have been made by EFRAG following the consultation process, including the deletion of the re...

Energy Transition & Climate Change

Expert Paper – Electricity Market Design

Deepen the internal energy market & improve access to competitive energy

Whilst this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Single Market, the EU is facing several challenges related to geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions and an energy crisis of unprecedented proportions that weaken the com...

Digital Transformation

ERT publishes Expert Paper on EU Artificial Intelligence Act

The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data-driven tools to drive productivity and economic growth in Europe is vast. However, the European Union is behind its main competitors when it comes to investments in AI develop...

Digital Transformation

Expert Paper – The Digitally-Enabled Workforce of the Future

European Flex Work Today & Tomorrow

Around the world, COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to digital and flexible workplaces. New technologies will transform the way work is done, boosting productivity while giving employees flexibility in where, when, and how t...

Digital Transformation

European industry shares its learnings & recommendations on flexible working

Brussels, 13 December 2022: As the world continues to adjust to the new working patterns that emerged during the Covid pandemic, ERT today releases a new paper, aimed at sharing knowledge and best-practices on the subject of flexi...

Energy Transition & Climate Change

Expert Paper – Boosting the EU Hydrogen Economy

In the last two years, the momentum for the deployment of hydrogen (H2) worldwide has accelerated in an unprecedented manner. Globally, close to 700 projects have been announced, and $250 billion of investments are required to dev...

Energy Transition & Climate Change

Expert Paper – Single Market for Energy

European markets for gas and electricity were successfully established in the last 20 years and have generated clear benefits for European consumers and industries. However, these markets have come under pressure since the end of ...

Energy Transition & Climate Change

Expert Paper – Accelerating Decarbonisation

Fostering an accelerated energy transition towards a competitive, secure and decarbonised energy model plays a key role to tackle the additional challenges arising from the surging energy prices. The current energy and climate ...

Digital Transformation

ERT Expert Paper – Action Plan for a Digitally Enabled Green Transition

ERT calls for an EU action plan for the twin transition with six core recommendations for EU policy

Europe’s political leaders have set important ambitions for the transition that the EU economy and society must undergo during the coming decades. The EU and the Member States have agreed clear targets for making the industry more...

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ERT response to EC on reforms to merger control process (Simplified Procedure)

The Competition Policy Working Group of ERT welcomes the European Commission’s continued engagement with stakeholders on revisions to certain procedural aspects of EU merger control. As noted in ERT’s submission to the European...

Competition Policy

ERT response to EC consultation on draft Horizontal BERs and Guidelines

The European Round Table for Industry (ERT) welcomes the European Commission’s public consultation on its draft revised Horizontal Block Exemption Regulations (BERs) and Horizontal Guidelines published on 1 March 2022. The comment...

Competition Policy

ERT Expert Paper – Information exchange in dual distribution

We encourage the Commission to take into account the observations mentioned in this paper when finalising the Draft Guidance.

The Competition Policy Working Group of ERT highly appreciates the European Commission’s decision to revise its guidance for information exchange in a dual distribution context, which is intended to be added to the Vertical Guidel...

CFO Platform

ERT Expert Paper – Business Taxation for the 21st Century

In this Expert Paper, ERT gives its view on several aspects of the European Commission’s recently presented Communication “Business Taxation for the 21st Century”. Tax transparency: ERT supports the ongoing fight against profi...

Competition Policy

ERT Expert Paper – EU Merger Control

Reform and Renewal in the Post-Pandemic World

In this paper, ERT examines EU merger control policy more broadly to highlight the most significant current issues and to suggest reforms. EU merger control policy has evolved through the years, however, there are some key area...

CFO Platform

ERT Expert paper – Principles for a competitive Europe in the field of taxation

European tax policies should stimulate investment, innovation, growth and the creation of high skilled jobs.

In this Expert paper, ERT addresses the following policy targets: 1. Efficient and predictable tax systems - Business needs simple, efficient, predictable and stable tax regimes that incentivise long-term investment. 2. Impr...

Digital Transformation

ERT Expert Paper – B2B Data Sharing

In this paper we explain why data sharing should be incorporated at an early stage in product design, technical standards and corporate strategy.

Enterprise data is increasingly seen as both a strategic resource and essential utility for economic progress worldwide. New digital business models are shifting from closed, linear value chains to open, integrated ecosystems in w...

CFO Platform

ERT Expert paper – Priorities on the EU Taxonomy

In this Expert paper, ERT addresses the practical complexities of the implementation of the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

ERT supports the overall objective of the EU Taxonomy to help to mobilise finance towards environmentally sustainable activities. The practical complexities of the implementation of the EU Taxonomy Regulation need to receive suffi...

Competition Policy

ERT Expert Paper – Vertical Agreements

This paper builds on ERT’s 2019 flagship paper “Competing at Scale” and the outcome of the Commission’s Evaluation phase of the VBER review.

The Working Group on Competition Policy of the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) welcomes the European Commission consultation on the revision of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation (VBER) and the Notice providing guidan...

CFO Platform

ERT Expert Paper – Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy (“RSFS”)

This paper contains recommendations on the RSFS from the real economy.

In order to ensure the practical applicability of instruments such as the taxonomy it is very important that all relevant stakeholders and industries are involved and consulted on an ongoing basis – even those who are not members ...

CFO Platform

ERT Expert Paper – Non-Financial reporting standards (“NFRS”)

ERT Members’ recommendations on how to report on sustainability in an aligned way.

The idea to develop binding reporting standards for non-financial information is gaining traction rapidly on EU level but also internationally. Already today a large number of international initiatives, frameworks, standards, t...

Digital Transformation

ERT Expert Paper on Artificial Intelligence

In this Expert paper, ERT addresses the development and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Adoption of Artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven tools will be a core driver of productivity and economic growth in Europe over the coming years. These tools will also play a significant role in addressing critical societa...

Competition Policy

ERT Expert Paper – Competition Policy contributing to the Green Deal

How can we ensure alignment between EU Competition Policy and the European Green Deal?

The Working Group on Competition Policy of the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) welcomes the reflection on the relationship between competition policy and the Green Deal and strongly believes that competition law should be ...

Trade & Market Access

ERT Expert Paper on the EU’s Trade Policy Review

In this Expert paper, ERT addresses the following aspects of the EU's Trade Policy:

Building more resilience in an increasingly complex world Safeguarding the rules-based multilateral trading system Fostering bilateral trade relations and increasing market access Delivering a global level playing field ...

Competition Policy

ERT Expert Paper on the review of Market Definition

Market Definition Notice review The review of the 1997 Market Definition Notice is a timely initiative, especially because the pace of change in many markets has accelerated rapidly in recent years. ERT encourages the Commis...

Competition Policy

ERT Expert Paper on the White Paper on Foreign Subsidies

White Paper on levelling the playing field as regards foreign subsidies European companies are increasingly faced with competition from companies outside the EU that benefit from State support but that are not subject to the sa...

Competition Policy

ERT Expert Paper responding to the EC consultation on the New Competition Tool

ERT strongly believes in competition policy and enforcement to secure fairer markets as well as strong competition and welcomes the EU’s efforts to explore how competition policy could evolve to reflect changing global market cond...

Competition Policy

ERT response to the public consultation on EU competition rules on Horizontal Agreements

The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the public consultation on EU competition rules on horizontal agreements. ERT considers that EU competition rules (including the rules on horizontal cooperation) should be considere...