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Jobs, Skills & Impact

ERT brings experts together in Madrid, to intensify work on reskilling in Europe

Madrid, 5 July 2022: This week, Madrid plays host to an important meeting of experts in reskilling – with representations of companies and organisations involved...
5 July 2022
Competitiveness & Innovation

The voices of European business jointly call for renewed economic integration in the EU

In the wake of last week's Summit of the European Council, five of the EU's largest cross-sectoral business associations joined forces today to issue a...
27 June 2022
Competitiveness & Innovation

ERT highlights the gap between EU visions and realities as geopolitics puts competitiveness in the spotlight

BRUSSELS, 15 June 2022: At the Competitive Europe Summit in Brussels today, Dr Martin Brudermüller, Chair of ERT’s Committee for Competitiveness & Innovation and Chairman &...
15 June 2022
Strengthening Europe's Place in the World

Jean-François van Boxmeer succeeds Carl-Henric Svanberg as Chair of ERT

BRUSSELS, 25 May 2022: At the ERT Plenary in Copenhagen earlier this week, the Members of ERT elected a new Chair of the organisation for...
25 May 2022

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