June 5, 2021


Season 1

Stefan Oschmann

Stefan Oschmann
I think the public discussion is moving away from data privacy to a concept of data sovereignty. People want to know what their data are being used for. If they know that the right standards are there, that the data are being used for a good purpose - they're very willing to share the data.

We were fortunate enough to talk with Stefan Oschmann on his very last day as Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of the global biopharma company Merck Group, before he moved to the new role of Chair of the Board & Independent Director at UCB.

In wide-ranging conversation, he talks about what attracted him to work in science, why the public and private sectors need to build more trust and the opportunities that linked open data presents for solving some of societies biggest problems. He also talks about his work on global health problems with Bill Gates, the value of curiosity and much more.