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Stefan Doboczky

Heubach Group


Dr. Stefan Doboczky joined Heubach Group as CEO as per Jan 10th 2022.

The Heubach group is a Specialty chemical company headquarter in Vienna (Austria). The company was created beginning of 2022 by a merger of two leaders in the colorants space, the Heubach Group and Clariant Colorants, a division of the stock listed company Clariant (CH). The company is now the number two in the area of Pigments and Colorant Solutions.

The company has globally 19 production hubs, the major ones are in Germany, India, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. The company employs about 3500 people, about half of them in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Stefan Doboczky will continue also in his non-executive role as Member of the Supervisory Board of OMV, and Head of the Sustainability Committee.

Stefan was a Member of ERT as CEO of Lenzing from 2019 until 2021.

Mr. Doboczky holds a PhD in Natural Science from the Technical University of Vienna (A), as well as an MBA from IMD in Lausanne (CH).