Energy and Climate Change Working Group

The Energy and Climate Change Working Group seeks to create a holistic approach appropriate to the international context to address the significant challenges that Europe and the planet are facing. 

Issues that are addressed include:

  • European energy security strategy
  • Energy Union and more specifically the progress towards a European single energy market.
  • European policy framework for energy and climate change, including carbon pricing
  • International climate discussions

The Energy and Climate Change Working Group seeks positive dialogue with multiple stakeholders to develop constructive positions on a wide variety of issues.

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Position Paper

Energy Union

ERT Recommendations

The Commission’s “Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy” identifies the main areas in which the EU should make progress to move to an Energy Union that fully integrates security of supply, sustainability and competitiveness.
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Energy and Climate Change

Position Papers & Facts and Figures

This folder contains the views on energy and climate change, illustrated with facts and figures, of the CEOs and Chairmen of some of Europe’s leading industrial companies. It includes specific factsheets covering the following areas: European Energy Security European Single Energy Market 2030...
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