Competition Policy Working Group

As competitiveness emerges as a new paradigm on the political agenda, it is time to adapt EU competition rules to the reality of today’s global and fast-moving economy. The Competition Policy Working Group therefore engages in discussions on the impact of competition policy on the international competitiveness of European industry.

The Working Group provides recommendations that help to elaborate an effects-based approach to EU competition policy, as well as a better alignment with overall European industrial policy objectives. In particular, it seeks the improvement of merger control and market definition, anti-trust guidance and also follows state aid, minority shareholding and intellectual property related debates.

Related Documents

Position Paper

ERT Position on Merger Controls

Executive Summary

ERT conducted a consultation exercise among its member companies in October/November 2016 in order to gather feedback on their experiences of merger control internationally. This feedback has been distilled into a number of recommendations for “best practice” in the conduct of merger control...
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Position Paper

ERT Trilogy on the Digital Economy/#2

Paper #2 Connectivity - Infrastructure

This paper focuses on important aspects of “Connectivity/Infrastructure”, which does not only stand for the transportation of data, but covers all requirements to support Europe’s digitised companies in providing specialised services in Automotive, Transportation, Health, Industrial Aautomation/...
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Challenges in EU Competition Policy

An ERT Competition Policy Working Group commissioned report, with the overall objective of identifying areas where a need for reform may be necessary to ensure that the EU Competition Framework will work effectively in the future. Following this report, ERT suggests evolutionary reforms in the...
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