Why Europe matters - The Booklet

Why Europe matters
31 May 2016

This well-illustrated booklet highlights the main achievements of the EU from a citizens’ perspective. It demonstrates where the EU makes a real difference to the lives of its citizens and covers an extensive number of themes, each supported by examples showing the material every-day advantages to citizens and their families.

You can download the booklet here

Benoît Potier, the ERT Chairman in his introduction:

"In Europe’s long history, there have been many pivotal moments. Right now, it feels like we are at another fork in the road. Since the decade began, Europe has been challenged by many difficulties with the Euro, low growth, high unemployment and the growing threat of terrorism.

However, even in these difficult times, we must not forget how Europe has benefited us economically and socially. Peace has settled over our countries for seventy years now, while businesses have flourished, and families have become more prosperous, thanks to closer ties between people and institutions across Europe. Our continent has benefited immeasurably from our European Union, and it must be allowed to continue to do so.

But we must not be starry-eyed about every aspect of the European Union. We need the European Union to be wired for constant improvement and must strive to always make it fully accountable to the people it represents. But, as the facts in this booklet clearly demonstrate, our union is the bedrock of prosperity and quality of life.

By highlighting the daily benefits of the European Union, we would like to demonstrate where the EU makes a real difference to the lives of its citizens. This booklet covers an extensive number of themes, each one supported by examples showing the material advantages to the everyday person or family.

This booklet demonstrates that Europe has a positive impact on our lives. It is time we started acknowledging it."