Why Europe Matters

The European Union has benefitted its citizens economically and socially, regardless of the current challenges. In addition to the invaluable achievements of peace and cultural exchange, the Single Market has created a wider choice of goods and services at lower costs. Also by adopting a collective approach to common problems, countries in Europe have been able to move forward on various issues. ERT is reflecting and acting on what the European Union has delivered and how to go forward in turbulent times.


Press Release

Why Europe matters

Letter to the press from Members of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT)

The European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) published a letter today signed by its Members - 51 business leaders of major European companies - calling for renewed confidence in the European Union and emphasising that Europe matters.
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Why Europe Matters

The Booklet

This well-illustrated booklet, updated in May 2016, highlights the main achievements of the EU from a citizens’ perspective. It demonstrates where the EU makes a real difference to the lives of its citizens and covers an extensive number of themes, each supported by examples showing the material...
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