Why Europe Matters

The European Union has benefitted its citizens economically and socially, regardless of the current challenges. In addition to the invaluable achievements of peace and cultural exchange, the Single Market has created a wider choice of goods and services at lower costs. Also by adopting a collective approach to common problems, countries in Europe have been able to move forward on various issues. ERT is reflecting and acting on what the European Union has delivered and how to go forward in turbulent times.


Position Paper

Why Europe matters to youth

Concise outcome of the survey and the national workshops

ERT partners with JA Europe to reach out to young people, inviting their opinions on issues they care about, such as employment, and encouraging them to engage in the political process. “Why Europe Matters” is a call for action: it asks young people, business people and policy makers to come...
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Press Release

New project to re-engage young people on why Europe matters

Europe will only overcome the current political crisis if the next generation of Europeans cares about the EU and is ready to engage to further advance the European project.

A major new initiative labelled ‘Why Europe Matters’ is today being launched to re-engage Europe’s youth in a multinational debate with politicians and business leaders The European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) and JA Europe are to survey more than 10,000 youngsters about their hopes and...
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