Skills and Employment

Europe’s greatest resource is its people. In a globally competing world, the future of Europe and its industries depends on the workforce of today and tomorrow. Europe can improve its innovation capacity and productivity by fostering people's skills throughout their lives while setting the right policy framework for employment.

ERT strongly encourages the EU and its Member States to continue to invest in education and training all along people's careers. Industry and education need to work together to create a new dynamic that closes the skills gap, especially in fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Europe requires more people with an entrepreneurial spirit to create tomorrow's start-ups or to propose new concepts, drive innovative product development and set-up and run new business units in existing companies. The high youth unemployment rate merits specific attention.


Press Release

Industry Changemakers: New online platform on European industry’s value to society

Discover our stories on how European industry contributes to people, the planet and innovation

-- -- For many decades Europe has been a global force for economic prosperity, social progress and environmental protection. Built on a unique foundation of norms and values such as respect for individual freedoms, security, social cohesion and cultural diversity, it...
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Benchmarking Report 2017

European Competitiveness and Industry

The ERT Benchmarking Report presents with key figures a comprehensive overview of the main policy issues followed by industry leaders. This new edition highlights with more than 70 charts and maps that Europe must become more open to innovation and new technologies to increase productivity and...
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