Finance and Taxation

The fragile economic recovery is accompanied by difficult lending conditions. However unevenly distributed, this affects companies across Europe as do tighter financial reporting obligations for listed companies, which raises the cost of capital, credit and may put a disproportionate burden on EU companies competing in a globalised economy and seeking to invest in the real economy and to innovate. Modernisation of tax rules has received increased impetus and requires strong international coordination efforts and swift action to address the reality of doing business in global value chains. 



Benchmarking Report 2016

A glance at the competitiveness of Europe and its industries

The 2016 edition of the ERT Benchmarking Report presents a comprehensive grading of Europe in the global context in terms of competitiveness, trade and investment, innovation, digital economy, energy and climate, employment and skills. It also provides some encouraging examples of “best practices”...
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Benchmarking Report 2015

Europe at a Glance

The 2015 edition of the Benchmarking Report takes stock of the economic reality and tracks progress towards a competitive industry in areas identified as key for Europe: competitiveness, energy/climate, the digital economy, employment/skills and trade/investment.
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