Digital Economy

Digitisation is one of the strongest drivers for increasing growth, strengthening competitiveness and boosting employment through the renaissance of European industry. It offers opportunities for existing and new businesses in all sectors. In order to regain its industrial strength, the European Union needs to be at the forefront of the new digital society and be an attractive place to create, grow and develop businesses as well as solutions for consumers and enterprises.

However, because of policy fragmentation among Member States, the complexity of regulatory processes and inefficient enforcement of current European privacy rules, companies in Europe face a structural disadvantage compared to their global competitors. So, while shaping the Digital Single Market, we also need to consider the global economic context. A sense of urgency is required as well as the need to accept the necessary ruptures in certain sectors and national economies.


Position Paper

ERT Trilogy on the Digital Economy/#3

Paper #3 - Start-ups & Entrepreneurship

The development of start-ups is essential for Europe to maintain its competitiveness in the emerging digital economy. In this paper, ERT outlines opportunities for start-up development, initiatives taken by ERT Member companies and key recommendations to policy-makers.
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Position Paper

ERT Trilogy on the Digital Economy/#2

Paper #2 Connectivity - Infrastructure

This paper focuses on important aspects of “Connectivity/Infrastructure”, which does not only stand for the transportation of data, but covers all requirements to support Europe’s digitised companies in providing specialised services in Automotive, Transportation, Health, Industrial Aautomation/...
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