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Time is tight to avoid a no-deal Brexit

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ERT meets UK Prime Minister Theresa May

We appreciate today’s exchange with Prime Minister Theresa May on the status of the Brexit negotiations. The European Round Table of Industrialists continues to support both the EU and the UK in finding an agreement. We are concerned that time is tight to avoid a no-deal Brexit, which would damage both the UK and the EU27 economies.

An agreement on the UK’s orderly withdrawal must urgently be found as uncertainty results in less investment and undermines growth and prosperity.

A future EU/UK partnership must have uninterrupted and frictionless flow of goods, such as with a customs union, and create a stable and fair regulatory environment. Regulatory divergence is unhelpful and costly given the interdependence of the EU/UK supply chains. A longer transition period should be considered to avoid any unnecessary disruption.

The statement from No. 10 Downing Street can be read here