Youth Employment

28 September 2015

Leveraging Employability


European companies need young people with the right skills and mindset to maintain and expand their businesses in an ever more dynamic and competitive global economy. Creativity and dynamism are the basis for the innovations essential to foster Europe’s competitiveness, growth and prosperity.

To achieve this, ERT Member companies recommend a range of measures to boost the hard and soft skills needed, particularly in the areas of ICT and STEM, to navigate an increasingly digitised European society and economy.

As well as the requirement to foster closer links between education and business, European companies will need to exploit the potential of vocational education and training. Together with a more dynamic labour market that enables more young people to find and keep a job, these measures will maximise the pool of skilled specialists available who can exploit the benefits of a digitally driven economy.

Job security will increasingly depend on people’s employability: their ability to smoothly adapt and learn in a continuously changing environment

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu - Solvay
Jean-Pierre Clamadieu
Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO