Outcome of the UK EU Referendum

24 June 2016

European companies must forge new partnerships with UK so both regions can continue to thrive.

The European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), whilst respecting today’s outcome, is disappointed that the people of the United Kingdom have voted in favour of leaving the European Union.

The ERT brings together 51 Chief Executives and Chairmen of major European multinational companies, including BP, Vodafone Group, Rolls-Royce and Centrica in the UK.  We believe that our companies and stakeholders benefit from a strong, competitive Europe in which the UK plays a vital role.

Our continent has benefited immeasurably from our European Union to which the UK,as a core member for over 40 years, has made an enormous contribution.  Since its inception, the European Union has been a force for positive change – economically, socially, in terms of security, and in terms of the quality of life.  However, the European Union certainly needs to be improved.  The work is not finished in addressing the challenges the European Union faces.  These challenges are better addressed when the people and the nations of Europe cooperate together.

Our joint challenge will be now to forge new partnerships and to further growth opportunities so that both regions continue to thrive.