Global carbon pricing to mitigate GHG emissions

30 November 2015

ERT wants to contribute to the global debate on "explicit" carbon pricing, and more specifically, how carbon pricing can incentivize low carbon innovation and investment in industry, while supporting the achievement of the UNFCCC worldwide 2°C goal.

We believe that carbon pricing can be an effective tool to accelerate business decisions and a transition to a low-carbon economy.

Bruno Lafont
Bruno Lafont
Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors

In our view:

  1. If well designed, global carbon pricing provides an effective route to lowering carbon emissions within and across economies.
  2. National or regional carbon pricing schemes should allow for linking with other jurisdictions to drive common ambition and reduce cost. Essential provisions have to be aligned to avoid any distortion of competition.
  3. All revenues (100%) from carbon pricing should go to initiatives contributing to the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

More details are in the paper.