Energy Union

1 July 2015

ERT Recommendations

Position Paper

The Commission’s “Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy” identifies the main areas in which the EU should make progress to move to an Energy Union that fully integrates security of supply, sustainability and competitiveness.

Although the Commission’s Energy Union Strategy is a fair roadmap towards further integrating the EU energy markets, we want to emphasise the following points as key priorities for industry:

  1. Focus on reducing high energy costs and prices
  2. Security of energy supply – a key parameter for investment decisions
  3. Need for an EU-wide governance model that stimulates implementation and progress
  4. Transparency while safeguarding commercially sensitive information

The paper also calls for a long-term vision which should be based on:

  • Coordinating and assessing the impact of major national energy choices from an EU-wide perspective
  • Building energy infrastructure that closes the existing gaps and that allows companies to invest in the most effective way, which may lead to the lowest cost for society.