Energy Innovations

22 February 2014

How we produce, distribute and use energy


"Energy Innovations" gives a wide range of examples from European industries of the production, transmission and distribution of energy.

It is time to look more closely at all sectors of the European society to determine where additional contributions to energy efficiency and CO2 reductions can be made.

Bruno Lafont
Bruno Lafont
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Europe’s industries are worldwide leaders in low-energy intensive production. We are creating more GDP per unit of energy used than any other region of the world. This is the result of decades of investment in innovation and other efficiency measures based on good business cases and supported by sufficient visibility in the overall investment environment. ERT companies are leading in all sectors of the value chain from energy production and distribution, to manufacturing processes, products and services, to building and transportation.Our companies are not only delivering solutions for Europe but also bringing know-how in planning and design, products and services to help other parts of the world improve their energy and resource efficiency. ERT companies and their employees have reasons to be proud of what they have accomplished. This publication illustrates what has been done and what could be done looking to the future in the production of energy, its transmission and distribution and the way we use it. The few examples are presented here to inspire citizens and policy makers alike to take a greater interest in European industry.